Krzysztof Nodar Ciemnołoński

Owner of Tamada Tour and tour guide

Traveler, blogger and vlogger of Georgian origins, cultural expert, author of more than 100 articles dedicated to Georgia ( and more than 50 movies about the Caucasus and Russia available on YouTube. He divides his life between Poland and Georgia, where he came first in 2007 with a fleet of charity. A real ball of fire wrapped-up in the Caucasus 24/7. Always ready to give you a hand and always first to work with tourists. A huge lover of alternative music, literature and vinyl records. Author of 2 books of poetry published in 2005 and 2011, currently working on a novel.


Ewelina Burdon

Tour Manager and tour guide

Her educational background is psychology and psychotherapy. Keen on traveling, hiking, wildlife, dance and healthy lifestyle. She fell in love with Georgia in 2011 during her first visit and she tied her life with this country. Her collection of books dedicated to the Caucasus and Central Asia stored in her office in Tbilisi could embarrass even the biggest lovers and connoisseurs of these regions. She’s associated with numerous non-governmental organizations in Poland, multicultural and tolerance expert. Loved by tourists, caring and sensitive like the Mother of Georgia and she keeps order just like her. She’s been living in Tbilisi where everyone knows her.

Vagner Ogiashvili

Leader of drivers

Leader of drivers without whom Tamada Tour wouldn’t be the same. He participated in the fleet of humanitarian aid to the hospital in Gori in 2008. He’s a professional driver and expert in regions like Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey and Iran which he knows like the back of his hand. Always smiling and majestic like heroes in western movies he drives his pampered bus Mercedes Sprinter wisely but with skills of a rally driver. There are legends about his chacha and wine humorously called Chateau Vagner. Huge fan of beautiful landscapes and women. He resides in Lagodekhi.

Naira Tovmasyan

Tour Manager in Armenia

Resident and representative of Tamada Tour in Yerevan. Used to be a PR Manager in cognac manufacture “ArArAt” for many years and then a Marketing Manager in Converse Bank. She’s wrapped-up in travelling since 2012 and as she says: “for many years I’d been looking for happiness and I found it…in traveling and showing my home country to tourists”.

Współpracujący piloci - przewodnicy Cooperating pilots - guides Kooperierende Piloten - Führer Сотрудничающие пилоты - гиды

Magdalena Ratajczak

A Russian-Ukrainian philology graduate. She fell in love with Georgia at first sight. She’s passionate about traveling, books, cooking and animals. Routine always kills her so as a spontaneous and full of energy person she always has to look for new excitements. Currently working as a tour guide in Georgia.

Patrycja Skierka

A huge fan of travelling and Georgian wine who came to Georgia totally differently than others! Patrycja has been residing in Georgia for 3 years where she’s been studying medical science at the Georgian International University. When she first came to Georgia she was so fascinated in everything from the local people, language to beautiful nature. So, in order to understand the world around her much better, she learned Georgian. She also speaks Russian and English.

Sebastian Czerniawski

Ski and snowboard instructor, who stays during winters in Gadauri – ‘the Georgian Aspen’, but also in Svaneti and in Bakuriani - a resort on the Lesser Caucasus and during summers in the Kazakh mountains. When snow melts down, he becomes a tour guide and pilot who’ll catch you off guard with his expertise in the Caucasus, Russia and Central Asia, and the whole Russian-speaking world which he was interested in while studying political science.

Krzysztof Węgiel

Artistic personality from Poland. He graduated from a university in Amsterdam and received diploma in sculpture. He came to Georgia in 2006 for the first time for special projects, where he met many people, experienced Georgian traditions and beautiful regions. He kept coming back until, in 2010, he decided to stay in Georgia permanently. Since then, he’s been dedicated to tourism, managing accommodations in Tbilisi and his work as a manager in Polish hostel. He’s been a tour guide for 3 years.

Tour Guide

Do you want to become a part of the best tour leaders and guides in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan? Your head is full of ideas and you’re looking for a dynamic company? Join us!

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