Thank you very much for pictures and showing us the real beauty of Georgia. We’re thinking about Armenia next year and we’ll definitely recommend Tamada Tour to our friends!

Jolanta, Kwidzyn

We were captivated with Georgia and staying. Photos are now being transferred and I’ll send you some because they’re really awesome! Thanks for showing us Georgia and care for us.

Anna i Wojciech, Wągrowiec

This was the best trip in my entire life. I don’t think I would like any other trip like this one! Great hotel and a great driver who was like a charming babysitter – he knew what we needed and he was always there for us. Wish you all the best and good luck. NEVER CHANGE!

Maria, Małobądz

The trip alone was organized perfectly… I always had this feeling that we traveled not with people who had to be just our tour pilots around Georgia, but with people who are very passionate about places they show us and so, we ourselves loved these places… Tour plan was also very detailed… everyday a different adventure to this exquisite world of Georgian cuisine… an incredible opportunity to visit more than just places available for tourists but places for the “real” dedicated for the local people...flea markets or simple streets with simple houses… I’d like to pay a complement to our tour guide – Ms. Ewelina… she’s as fascinated with Georgia as I am so we hit it off from the start… and of course I could get more familiar with Georgia… I must admit that I was at first disappointed that You would not be our tour pilot… but Ms. Ewelina took a great care of us and we always knew that you were up-to-date with our every step just as if you were with us the whole trip… and this gave as additional sense of security and comfort…

Stanisław, Warszawa

I’m very grateful for such opportunity to know and experience Armenia. I don’t know if this could have been possible in a larger group. Our trip was a great chance to feel the magic of this incredible country. Its spirituality omnipresent in every single way, inextricable relation with nature, majesty of mountains and centuries-old sacred building. All these attractions left us with immortal trace in our memories and leads us to reflections. I took Georgia the previous time. Good experience from this trip made me chose Tamada Tour again and visit Armenia. I planned this nostalgic trip following the footsteps of my ancestors. Azerbaijan is still to be visited and I hope to choose Tamada again.

Bożena, Gdańsk

I think this was the best organized trip in my entire life and it’s all thanks to Mr. Krzysztof and incomparable pilot Ewelina!!!

Barbara, Wrocław

The trip was a great experience because of both the beauty of Georgia but also great organizers. Thanks a lot!

Beata i Paweł, Warszawa

During the trip, I could sense a great care and protectiveness of Mr. Krzysztof - our tour guide and the owner of Tamada Tour. Many thanks!

Józefa, Bochnia

We also appreciate showing us Georgia and your care. Thanks for the photos. Maybe I’ll return the favor with a series of photos entitled “Shirts of the young Tamada”

Iza i Iwona, Tczew

Thank you and best regards! We’re left with a great amount of nice memories and we’ll recommending Tamada Tour to our relatives and friends. Wish you all the best!

Ewa, Olkusz

We really enjoyed a ride with Mr. Wagner. We were mesmerized with the changing landscapes. 9.5/10. Thank you!

Halina i Bruno, Międzyrzecz

Many thanks. I’ll be recommending Tamada Tour to all my friends (my daughter is already jealous and getting ready for the trip).

Maria, Kraków

Thanks on behalf of “my little group” for organizing our vacations. We really enjoyed the trip with respect of both organizing and tourist aspects!

Katarzyna, Warszawa

Thanks for organizing an interesting trip, diligence and culinary pleasure. Kind regards.

Ania i Bogdan, Kielce

Thank you for well-organized trip to Georgia and competent workers thanks to whom even the tropical heat wasn’t that scary!

Roman, Zgorzelec
They travelled with us

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